3 Tips To Kick Bad Habits

Time to Workout


“If it’s important to you, you’ll make it a priority.. If it’s not, you’ll make excuses”

This quote came to my mind as my coworker was lamenting one day about how difficult it is to find the motivation to exercise.  But later on I realized it is not so much whether getting healthy is a priority or not.  Of course why would one not treat it as priority?  Duh!!  The real issue here is we are creatures of habit.  We don’t like pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, even though we know the change sometimes is in our best interests.

If it’s in our best interest, why do we resist learning a good habit?  My theory is that as much as we are motivated to cultivate a good habit, we are still attached to current habits.  Learning a new habit is hard.  Unlearning an old habit is harder.
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3 Things That Can Help With Your Job Search


After my last post (Why you should change jobs every 4 to 5 years) couple of my friends were wondering how to go about testing the job market.  It made me realize the previous post is not complete without the “how”.

Obviously it’s one of those life events.  Changing jobs is a big decision and comes with a fair amount of anxiety.  So I thought I’d follow up with another post on what worked for me.  Hopefully it works for those of you looking to change.

1) Look at the Career pyramid:  One of our ex-CEO used to say, one should build a career as a pyramid and not a ladder.  There is a fair amount of truth in that theory.  We tend to look at career growth in a linear fashion, but at times the growth is quicker if the move is lateral.  We see many people in our lives, who start off in one field and thrive in another.  Program managers who have excelled as great product experts.  Information Technology specialists who became great school teachers.  Engineers who thrived as entrepreneurs.  There are enough people around us who pushed themselves out of their comfort zone.
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Why You Should Change Jobs Every 4 to 5 Years

Business woman shaking hands

“Every day you get better or worse… But you don’t stay the same…” 

Legendary coach Bo Schlemberger used to tell this to his players.  It’s a profound statement. It has changed the way I looked at things.  Generally speaking, one could apply this to anything that’s important to us.  Health, Jobs, Relationships etc.  In this post I want to share my perspective on why changing jobs every 4 to 5 years should not be overlooked.

Success is the worst enemy: Most of us spend one-third or more of our waking hours at work.  We all look to be compensated one way or the other.  Be it financial or non-financial recognition, we all look for the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.  Your employer is getting the best out of you.  They throw in enough carrots i.e. bonuses, spot awards, stocks, team recognition etc to keep you motivated.  How do you know YOU are getting the best out of yourself?  You don’t.  

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