4 Simple Ways to Improve Project Communication


One of the common problems executives and team members face within an organization is poor project communication. According to a study conducted by PMI, “Ineffective communications is the primary contributor to project failure one third of the time, and had a negative impact on project success more than half the time.”

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Is my role relevant anymore?


Is my job function still relevant? Is my business becoming a dinosaur? Relevancy questions that often come up when we are in the verge of disruption. The question is one of concern, one laden with uncertainty and doubt. More often than not, the timing of the question becomes a tad late.

When I was a project manager a few years ago, I used to get such existential questions a lot from fellow project managers who are used to waterfall style of software development. If you are in the technology industry, especially in Silicon Valley, you could probably relate to the fact that many tech companies are moving away from Program Management Office towards a nimbler Agile style development approach. Nowadays the lead engineer takes on the role of a scrum master and drives the work product delivery. Although the fundamentals of project management has not changed, the title has.

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5 Key Elements of Change Management


Recently, I was involved in a successful new system implementation project launch. The project had an impact on an entire department. Countless men and women toiled their days and nights leading up to the launch. Naturally the post-launch excitement across the organization was quite palpable. In layman’s terms, the launch happened exactly as we planned – seamless!

Amidst all the euphoria, someone asked me how we managed to pull this off, what type of internal resistance we faced and how did we overcome it – all very fitting questions given that our launch schedule was very aggressive and set to have global impact. Even folks who were part of the project team were initially hesitant when the timelines for launch were first introduced. So when this question was posed, it did not surprise me.

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Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Talent?

SF 49ers


As I was crying into my beer on the devastating loss my favorite football (American) team, San Francisco 49ers suffered this past Sunday, I came across this article “Excess of Talent Has Spoiled San Francisco 49ers Offense”.  For those of you non-football fans, here’s some context:

  • 49ers are considered to be one of the elite football teams in the National Football League.  In the past 3 years, they were among the top 4 teams in the league (out of 32).
  • Last Sunday (Nov 2, 2014) they suffered a humiliating loss against a low-ranked team St. Louis Rams.  In the last year, I’d say this is probably the second most disappointing loss. (First being the NFC championship loss this past January).
  • This season, they are off to a so-so start.  As of this writing, they are at 4 wins and 4 losses this season.  Pathetic.  Some teams (read: Oakland Raiders) may be wondering What’s wrong with 4-4?.  But, 49er fans *ahem* have higher standards you know.

As I was reading this article, it got me thinking “Is there such a thing as too much talent?”.   What if this applies to organizations?  What if this applies to MY organization?  Is too much talent detrimental to winning games or winning in the business?
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5 reasons Why Project Management is a Good Career Move



Recently few of my network connections were interested in switching over to Project Management.  I thought I’ll share my experience on this post why that’s a good decision.  Wait, scratch that.  That’s a fantastic decision.

If you are looking for a change in your career,  whether you are in a technical role or a non-technical role, Project Management could be a great stepping stone.

I spent much of my career as a project manager and it has helped me gain invaluable lessons in my current role on the business side.  As I look back in my career it was one of the best decisions I probably made.
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