Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Talent?

SF 49ers


As I was crying into my beer on the devastating loss my favorite football (American) team, San Francisco 49ers suffered this past Sunday, I came across this article “Excess of Talent Has Spoiled San Francisco 49ers Offense”.  For those of you non-football fans, here’s some context:

  • 49ers are considered to be one of the elite football teams in the National Football League.  In the past 3 years, they were among the top 4 teams in the league (out of 32).
  • Last Sunday (Nov 2, 2014) they suffered a humiliating loss against a low-ranked team St. Louis Rams.  In the last year, I’d say this is probably the second most disappointing loss. (First being the NFC championship loss this past January).
  • This season, they are off to a so-so start.  As of this writing, they are at 4 wins and 4 losses this season.  Pathetic.  Some teams (read: Oakland Raiders) may be wondering What’s wrong with 4-4?.  But, 49er fans *ahem* have higher standards you know.

As I was reading this article, it got me thinking “Is there such a thing as too much talent?”.   What if this applies to organizations?  What if this applies to MY organization?  Is too much talent detrimental to winning games or winning in the business?
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2 Most Important aspects of Recruiting, Managers often overlook


It was April 2000.  National Football League (NFL) Draft day.  College football players had gathered in New York City.  A day all these players eagerly been waiting for.  This is the day 32 professional football teams draft top-notch players to their roster.

This is the actual graduation day for these collegiate athletes.  A gateway to make it to the big stage.

Football is the most popular sport in U.S.  It is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Every football team’s chances to make it to the Super Bowl stage is all determined within 16 games in a season.  So needless to say, teams spend a great amount of time scouting, screening and hiring these athletes.

Hopes and dreams of big pay checks, stardom, fame and more importantly a chance to make an impact in professional sports history is about to unfold for the college hopefuls.
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