I’m moving on to my next adventure

next adventureIt was approximately a year ago, I wrote my first blog post “Why you should change jobs every 4 to 5 years”.  At that time, little did I know where I’d be going next or what my game plan was.  But I did know I won’t stay in my current role for not more than a couple of years.

After five years at Yahoo, three of which in my current role, I have decided to pursue something new.  An opportunity to work at a startup company.  I’m going to Boost Media in San Francisco where I’ll be joining a good old friend and a mentor of mine, Shawn Kernes.  I was stoked when I met with the team over there and walked away very impressed with what they have built so far.

But why this switch?

For all of us, when it comes to switching jobs the motivation could differ from time to time depending on where we are at that point in life.  Be it a new challenge, better title, more money, additional responsibility or whatever.  I’ve made my fair share of moves along those lines.

Learning something new every day is a priority for me.

The moment you wake up and you commit to yourself you are going to learn something that day, then it doesn’t feel like you are walking into work.  Instead it feels like you are about to have fun and getting paid for it.  Our ability to learn is not constrained by age, however it does get constrained by the environment.  I feel like I’ve plateaued.

I’m walking into Boost to learn how startup life is going to be and also share the experience I gained at companies like KPMG, eBay and Yahoo and help them be successful.

Past five years at Yahoo, I learned a ton.  I know I have grown personally and professionally.  I’m very grateful to the amazing individuals who helped me get here.  I’m also incredibly proud of my team and the impactful projects we delivered for the company.  Thanks Yahoo for the wonderful opportunity!!  I truly had a blast!!

On to my next adventure.  Wish me luck.


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